Woman Gone Fishing: Be Back…Maybe


She has a way of ordering what is wild without sacrificing one ounce of wildness, of bringing calmness into chaos without apologizing for her disasters, of finding what has gone missing….a woman’s true nature is close to the heart of creation.

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We Must Love One Another or Die: The Easter Challenge


  “I have decided to stick with love, hate is too much of a burden to bear.” MLK     I recently baptized a Muslim in the United Methodist church I pastor, she was raised in Africa by a Muslim family and I asked her to share with us what the Muslims in her country […]

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Wisdom, The Music of the Spheres

kiss the ground  cd back play

What do Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Egyptian and Native American traditions have in common? Wisdom, the music of the spheres. I recently received a grant to write ten songs inspired by ancient wisdom literature of several religious and spiritual traditions. What I discovered was that there was a ground within these traditions, a central root system […]

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“Just Be Yourself” The 3 Most Confusing Words in the English Language


  The words, “just be yourself” can be three of the most confusing words in the English language to a woman. Why? In our culture, a woman often has to sort through many layers of other “selves” before she can find the one that resembles her “true self.” She is often conditioned to believe in […]

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