burning with leaving

My feet were on fire

Burning with leaving

Like Mercury

Urgent with a message from God

But leaving for where?

That is the problem

I don’t really believe in Manifest Destiny

I suppose my missionary zeal has faded

It’s hard to hit a moving target

I guess I just want some people

To call my own

A tribe to call home

A band of bandits or angels

Or a team with team spirit

Or just a friend to say, “I know, I know you.”

Is that too much to ask?

Perhaps I have become the vulture

Circling a dead future

Always feasting on the past

No, I want a future

A future and a hope

This is what I was promised, after all.

Shall I give you more than trust?

Here are my wings,

I’ll trade them in for love

Any old day,

any old day now.

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Speaker, Author, Musician, Pastor, Nature Lover. Co-Founder of the Social Enterprise: Dreamweave: Renew Lives, Recyle Products;

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