random web searches and the healing links

Do you ever read the list of your recent web searches? I just caught mine out of the corner of my eye this evening as I was typing in another search. I think it’s interesting to trace the links, here are a few of my searches from today:

Verbal abuse and its effects

Rock Harbor Marina

How many songs can a mockingbird sing?

Oremus Bible Browser

I have a theory that when other people complain about you, verbally abuse you or constantly harass you in some way (especially over years) it causes your body to stiffen and finally just get so stiff that it takes a while to get out of bed in the morning. Ever feel this way? I call it rigor mortis of the soul. I think it happens a lot to pastors, well, people in our society in general, but we seem to get a great deal of it. 

In spite of this, some kind soul left us a pallet of basil plants and some halepeno pepper plants and so this evening, I put them in my garden bed.  A large mockingbird sang the whole time, just wanting me to notice, really. Finally, I stopped and counted his songs. There were some 20 tunes, some of them sounded like frogs, crickets, other birds and such. Sometimes they even mimmick human sounds, but thank God, I didn’t hear any I recognized. 

Also, the marina behind our house on the Cumberland River finally re-opened its restaurant that was destroyed in the great 100 year flood of May, 2010. And, I had to look up Judges 4 & 5 on Oremus bible browser so I could tell which one was the narrative and which one was the poem for the book I’m writing on the untamed women of the old testament. 


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