While the World is on Fire


Working through the “Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals,” and the readings lately are from the book of Numbers. These readings juxtaposed against the news of the week brought this out today as my response to the word:

While the World is on Fire

In the old days

When the word of the Lord was clear

And said things like, “Build an altar here,”

And gave instructions

measured in days

And blood

And stars

At least things were clear.

Now, no one is safe, not even those who are perfectly obedient

To the demands of God.

Not even children

 Preachers pause to catch their breath

And re-orient their hearts

as a diviner seeks a well

Stretching out empty hands

Like dead wood

Seeking a fire

Seeking re-birth

Seeking transformation

Thirsty for a hope that burns true.

It is hard to live in a world where

Even the preachers are silenced

On matters of bewilderment

Stick to the mission, we hear,

Stay on message

I sit in the solitude of my study

While the world is on fire

While the world is on fire

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