Peddling Hope In Dystopia 2


You Can’t Play A Player | “I came to Nashville as a tramp,” he said. Just another guy in the crowd of those who come for our weekly meal, I learned his name and began calling him something other than tramp, not sure if he heard me. “Gossip on the street is that Nashville is tramp friendly,” he said. He came here to make a go of it, but he soon realized that all the “tramps” were just taking advantage of everyone’s kindness and not getting any better, he discovered how easy it was to just live off the good will, never taking the hard steps towards becoming self sufficient. He was having a hard time getting motivated.

He was a bit of a philosopher, I pointed out, a good quality, but also, a tortuous one. He went on the pontificate that this realization made him question whether or not having all of these free services for the homeless is a good thing, “doesn’t it just make the problem worse?” he asked. He also said that it seems really condescending from his perspective, that churches would just offer meals and assistance without ever really getting to know people or trying to change the problems. Basically, in his opinion, churches were just being played by the “tramp” community in Nashville and it was disturbing to him, though, he was deeply appreciative, he said, “don’t get me wrong.” I would never.

He had a great point. You’ve most likely heard the phrase, from some cobweb deep in one of the prophetic books of our Old Testament, often pilfered for political speeches, “Charity gives but justice changes.” This is what he was referring to. He didn’t see any real changes happening around him. He thought we were all engaged in a giant game of blowing smoke, all being played by the players… | READ THE FULL POST comment, and share frommy website

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