Abiding in Soul

Celtics have spoken of “thin spaces” where the veil between us and God is lifted. Perhaps you have experienced such a thin place, moments where you sense you are more than just flesh and bone surviving in the world, that you are connected to others, to creation. Perhaps you have even had the thought that you could thrive, not just merely survive, in the world. This is the soul life seeking to live in you, seeking to commune with God

Sherry Cothran


Abiding in Soul…..

In the journey of life, which is really the journey of the soul in the physical realm, there is always much to learn, though it is the unlearning that is often hard and the part that generally gets in the way of the journey. We have been taught that a soul is something we possess, something that can be lost in a realm called “sin;” if your soul is lost in sin, then you, too, are lost. The words “soul” and “you” have been interchangeable in much of our religious understanding. This implies that you, alone, are responsible for your soul, it also implies that you have some kind of control over this realm of soul, that the certainty of its future can be determined by your will.  Yet, the soul is that part of you that is simply made alive by a Divine spark none of us can comprehend, even in…

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