Walking Toward the Sacred, Dancing with the Sun

Sherry Cothran

She appeared there in the field, out of nowhere, naked, as if she had fallen fresh from the sky. She was beautiful, too, her long, white  hair the length of her body, flowing in the wind, a vision to behold. Two men spotted her, they had set out from the village to scout for game. They were hungry, these two men, in body and in spirit, just like everyone else.

The first man, when he saw that she was naked, turned away out of respect saying, “she must be a Wakan Win, a sacred woman.” The second man was overpowered by his desire to possess her and assuming she was vulnerable and helpless with no man to protect her, he attempted to rape her.

She was, in fact, a Wakan Win, and so she knew the hearts of men and realizing that the second man wished only to…

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Speaker, Author, Musician, Pastor, Nature Lover. Co-Founder of the Social Enterprise: Dreamweave: Renew Lives, Recyle Products;

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