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In 2013, I released a CD based on the lives of what I affectionately call “Prophets, Harlots, Witches & Warriors: Untamed Women of the Old Testament.” As I shared these songs from various stages, pulpits, theaters, seminaries and clubs, the project emerged into many opportunities to share hidden stories of strong, courageous and independent women from the ancient world.  I was honored to be invited to do a teaching semester as an artist in residence at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary in 2015, several workshops and storytelling concerts, a book, a curriculum and a whole new platform for discovering what I call the unexplored territories of Bible and Bible culture through the eyes of its untamed women. You can purchase the CD at itunesamazon, and other online sites, the curriculum and book will be coming soon. For updates, sign up for my email list here.

Reviews for Sunland:

• Sunland recasts the stories of lesser-known women of the Hebrew Bible who opened themselves to the transcendent and accomplished extraordinary things. Working with a folk, rock and at times jazz-inflected palette, Cothran infuses her arrangements with Latin, Middle Eastern and Eastern European modalities as haunting as the lives of the courageous women she so vividly reimagines. –

Bill Friskics-Warren, author of I’ll Take You There: Pop Music and the Urge for Transcendence

• This is the best way imaginable to become immersed in the stories of these biblical women. After reading the biblical text and hearing Cothran’s song and creative interpretation we experience each story woven into the very fabric of our lives. We are not merely taught these stories, our lives are re- scripted by them and the truths they so vividly express

-John McClure, author of Mashup Religion: Pop Music and Theological Invention

• After listening to Sunland more than a few times, I thought to myself this is why I love music. It creates a space with which to wrestle, to question, to imagine and to seek the divine in everyday life. For anyone who likes to wrestle with the biblical text as well as the human frailties often on display, while listening to engaging music, Sunland is for you.

-Trip Jennings, independent journalist

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