Celebrating Failure

Learning to ask failure to be our teacher can be a daunting process, but it can be the key that opens the tightly sealed door of the heart. C.G. Jung said that to take the rejected path in all of us is often how we find our truest selves. Failure can be a pathway to healing.

Sherry Cothran


We are not good at failure. We spend the first quarter of our lives in training to become winners in a world that rejects losers, learning how we can become successful, happy and wealthy beyond our wildest dreams by age twenty-five. We are taught to conquer whatever stands in our way and we generally spend the next portion of our lives trying to overcome hurdles, barriers, chasms, weaknesses, troublesome relationships or disadvantaged situations, scaling the great opportunities of the world with our bare hands. We define our self worth by categories such as successful, moderately successful, unsuccessful or apathetic. We invest in leaders who can guarantee success over and against all the odds, the promise of Trumping failure is a lure we cannot resist. But at some point along the way, though we seek to avoid it at all costs, we often experience a great fall from whatever heights of…

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